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Featured Breed : Collie

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Life Span:~14-16 years
Litter Size: 6-10 puppies
Country of Origin: Scotland

Size: Weight: Male: 60-75; Female 50-65 lbs Height: Male: 24-26; Female 22-24 inches

Coat: The coat of Collie is viewed as profound, thick, two layered. In general, Collie’s coat keeps harmony with its body and it is very abundant. The outside coat of Collie is not curved and hard to the touch while the inside coat is both dense and gentle, burying skin under it. There are enough feathers to cover the front two legs and there are also dense hairs on the tail.



History: Without an exact date to be traced back, highlands of Scotland was considered to be Collie’s ancient hometown. Collie got its name from Anglo-Saxon vocabulary which means black. Collie breed was used mainly as guidance or herding dog, looking after sheep, goats, bulls and another animals. The breed gained its true popularity when Victoria, the queen, went to Scotland and showed great favor on this breed.

Health Issues: Lethargy, energy lose, eating disorder, addiction to sleep, fur losing, and regular vomiting could be possible health problems with Collie breed while Diarrhea and seizures is not uncommon. Although most of Collie’s health problems are tenacious, they could be possibly avoided or prevented with owner’s care and regular check.

Temperament: The Collie has been considered to be a good-mannered, soft, considerate, active and loving breed. Collie is a friendly home dog who can stay well together with other small animals and even little babies. Other special characters of Collie include loyalty, lovely, high intelligence and eager to learn new things.



Activity: Collie does need a moderate amount of exercises and will be in good condition with a middle-sized family yard, which provides them daily moving area. The caution for the owners is that the breed is not suitable to put outside for a long time during deep summer days with high temperature. If adequate walking and running is allowed on a daily basis, the breed can survive well in apartment as a home pet.
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