Featured Breed : Bullmastiff
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Life Span: 8-10 years

Litter Size: 4 to 13 puppies

Country of Origin: Great Britain

Size: Weight: Male 110-130; Female: 100-120 lbs Height: Male: 25-27; Female: 24-26 inches

Coat: The coat of Bullmastiff is short and dense, giving better weather protection. The color of Bullmastiff is red, fawn, or brindle.

History: In early 1800s, Bullmastiff, a fairly new breed, was developed to prevent poaching in the English estates. Though people thought Mastiff as courageous, it was not fast enough and sufficiently aggressive to satisfy the owner’s need. The Bullmastiffs used as gatekeeping dogs was a cross of 40% Old English Bulldog and 60% English Mastiff. The cross resulted in the development of this breed that was totally utilitarian.

Health Issues: Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia could be possible health problems with Bullmastiff and Arthritis and Bloat are not uncommon. Generally, a Bullmastiff usually lives to be eight to ten years old and they are prone to some hereditary diseases such as Entropion or Hypothyroidism.

Temperament: The Bullmastiff has been considered to be good-natured, sweet, and loveable though it is not recommended for the average owner. People know Bullmastiff as fearless and confident yet docile. The sheer size suggests that the dog should not be placed at homes with little kids unattended because it is easy for Bullmastiff to knock down a little child. So this dog needs a firm trainer to avoid troubles.

Activity: Bullmastiff does not enjoy a plenty of daily exercises, however, a long walk or jog on a daily basis will keep them from overweight because without moderate exercises to burn out extra heat and energy, Bullmastiff can easily become overweight, inflexible and lazy.

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