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Featured Breed : Bavarian Mountain Hound

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Bavarian Mountain Hound

Life Span:~10 to 15 years
Litter Size: 6 to 10
Country of Origin: Germany

Size: Bavarian Mountain Hounds weigh between 20 to 25 kg. Males are 47 to 52 cm (18.5 - 20.5 in) high, while females are 44 to 48 cm (17-19 in).

Coat: The coat of the Bavarian Mountain Hound should be short and thick. It should cover the dog completely, lying close to the skin and should be hard in texture and shiny. They can be found in red, any shade of fawn ranging from light to dark, brindle, red-fawn, gray-fawn and black ticked. The muzzle and ears are usually black or darker in color than the rest of the coat and the tail is often ticked with black.

Character: Bavarian Mountain Hounds are calm, well balanced dogs that develop a strong relationship with their master or mistress, while remaining aloof with strangers. Cool, sound and self-assured, Bavarian Mountain Hounds are docile and never timid or aggressive.

Appearance: A very well balanced, fairly light, active and mobile, medium sized, short coated dog that is slightly longer than tall, and stands with its rear slightly higher than its shoulders.

History: The Bavarian Mountain Hound is descended from the original hunting dogs that were called ‘Bracken’. All Bracken have outstanding abilities for tracking and trailing. The Bavarian Mountain Hound was bred to be a lighter leash trailing scenthound that could be used in mountainous regions. They have been so successful that today they are the classic companion in the mountains of Bavaria for the professional hunter and gamekeeper.

Health Issues: Although they appear to be rather healthy, an extensive health cases have yet to be compiled. For now, the major issues are ear infections and "happy tail," with entropion, hip dysplasia, and epilepsy appearing on occasion.

Temperament: The Bavarian Mountain Hound breed of dog is known for being an intelligent dog that approaches life in a very calm manner. This is a dog that takes life in stride and they are happy to sit back and watch it before joining in. Their calm demeanor is often at odds with their activity levels but the Bavarian Mountain Hound will fit into most households. They are very affectionate with children and tend to be very affectionate and gentle with them. In addition, the Bavarian Mountain Hound does well with other dogs but they may not be suitable for homes with small non-canine pets since they can have a high prey drive.

Care: The Bavarian Mountain is not suited for city life. It is in regular need of space and exercise and also requires regular brushing. They are not dogs for the casual hunter. Most are owned and used by foresters and game wardens.

Training: An intelligent and happy to learn dog the Bavarian is responsive to commands from a respected and loved handler. Basic obedience training should be commenced from an early age and should be based on positive reinforcement using rewards of treats and praise. Such methods will inspire him to do his best to please at all times. Harsh methods will result in a dog that is motivated by fear of his owner’s displeasure and the mutual joy of working with a willing partner will be lost.

Activity: The Bavarian Mountain Hound breed of dog is an active breed and they really do need a lot of exercise. Expect to give them about 60 minutes of exercise each day or about three very long walks. They make excellent jogging companions. They should only be exercised on leash when they are outside a secure area since they will follow any interesting scent.
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