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Featured Breed : Malti Poo

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Malti Poo

Life Span:~10 to 14 years
Litter Size: 4 to 7
Country of Origin: England

Size: Miniature Bulldog should be between 30-40 lbs, but some get bigger when they get older. The height is approximately 12-14 inches (measured from the floor to the top of their shoulders) and the length is between 17 and 24 inches.

Coat: The Miniature Bulldog has a short, smooth, glossy coat which can be beige, mottled, brindle, or white

Character: Uncomplicate and gentle, the Miniature Bulldogs are great companion and pet for the family. They are also intelligent, so they are easily trainable, and they are fearless, so you can be sure that your family is well guarded and protected. They are really known for their loyalty and their cuteness.

Appearance: The Miniature Bulldog has all the qualities of their bigger cousin, the English Bulldog. They have a short, wide muzzle, an undershot jaw, and a wide, droopy face, giving somewhat like a frown appearance. They also have short legs and tails, rounded chests, and compact, muscular bodies.

History: The Miniature Bulldog (bred from the ‘English Bulldog’) was bred in England in the 1500’s for bull baiting, a popular gambling ‘sport’ in which one or more dogs were matched up against a chained bull (or bear). These dogs were bred for sheer fighting capacity, and they were famed for latching onto their prey with an iron jaw which they refused to release—they could even suffocate opponents this way. Its funny how ironic it is that this lovable couch potato has such a history when they don't even have an aggressive bone in their body.

Health Issues: Similar to the regular-sized English Bulldogs, the Miniature Bulldog is not not exempted with its associated illnesses. They are susceptible to skin infections due to their “cute” wrinkling feature. They also have breathing issues due to their facial structure. And when mothers give birth, they are typically delivered via Caesarean section due to their large head.

Temperament: The Miniature Bulldog is not a mixed breed. They are basically the same as the English Bulldog--only smaller. As with their counterparts, they are very local and extremely affectionate to their owners and families, especially to the children. They are also a good companion for other pets, but they can be aggressive towards other dogs and strangers.

Care: The Miniature Bulldogs are easy to care for. Their coats are short, so minimal brushing is required. Keep them cool always. To keep away from bacteria from developing on their face, apply a special lotion. Use a soft toothbrush when brushing their teeth.

Training: As with their bigger cousins, training the Miniature Bulldog requires consistency. They are a bit sensitive, so use positive reinforcement and reward them when they've done a good job. They are very intelligent and loyal, so they will respond to their trainer’s or owner’s voice.

Activity: The exercise needs of the Miniature Bulldog are uncomplicated. It will adapt itself to the activity level of your family. Sufficient rest is key to development of healthy bones, muscles, and joints—do not expect your Miniature Bulldog to run long distances or jump down from tall ledges. Miniature Bulldogs are well suited to apartment life.
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